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How do you improve the common bandana? You make it bigger!

Introducing the Big Ass Bandana, FOUR TIMES the size of  a normal bandana!  Four times the size, but a THOUSAND times more useful. And it fits in your pocket, making it the perfect life tool to carry every day (see below!)

Functional. Traditional. Beautiful. Big Ass Bandana, the BEST bandana in the world!















The Big Ass Bandana is designed to be your best friend, always on hand, always there to help, no matter what the task, where you go, what you do, or where life leads you.

It can be a Towel, Dust mask, Cleaning rag, Neck warmer, Pot holder, Feed bag, Nursing cover, Fashion accessory, Foraging bag, Shopping bag, Picnic cloth, Food wrapper, Shoulder bag, Table cloth, Shade cloth, Pillow, Sling, Bandage, Poultice, Tourniquet, Hot Pad, Strainer, Head wrap, Swaddle cloth, Leash, Rope, Scarf, Baby blanket, Sweat band, Dish towel, Clothes patch, Neckerchief, Eye patch, Seat cushion, Back pack, Egg holder, Diaper, Apron, Water strainer, Belt, Flag, Wash cloth, Cooling cloth, Tumpline, Privacy screen, Insect screen...and, of course, a Handkerchief! And that barely scratches the surface...

Perfect for farm, home, school, work, camping, chores, cooking, gardening, riding, traveling, boating, gifts, family time...any time

Keep one in your pocket, purse, kid's pack, glove box, truck cab, repair kit, diaper bag, car trunk, bug out bag, gun case, tool kit, tackle box, saddle bag, desk drawer, boat...anywhere


Great for Moms, children, workers, farmers, friends, neighbors, parents, relations, best friends...anyone

Measures 42X42 inches. Made from 100% natural long fiber cotton cambric.

Hand-crafted in small batches using natural materials

Fit in any pocket, bag or compartment so it's there when you need it

Yet BIG enough to do all the things a normal bandana just CAN'T

Weighs only 3 oz. so you can carry it Everyday

Hard Working, Beautiful, and Traditional

The Big Ass Bandana is your best friend, always on hand and always ready to help, no matter what the task, where you go, what you do, or where life leads you

Big Ass Bandana.PO Box 425.Marengo.IL.60152